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Bulk Transit Corporation
Phone: 1-800-345-2855
  Safety is paramount at Bulk Transit  

        Our objectives:

 Our emphasis on safety includes the following objectives:

  •  Protection of the health of our employees and the general  public, and the integrity of our customers’ products.

  •  Compliance with Federal, State, and Company  regulations.

  •  Maintenance of a positive safety performance 
       record to control escalating insurance expenses.

  •  Proper handling of capital equipment to avoid costly  repairs. 
Bulk Transit Corporation .  7177 Industrial Parkway .  Plain City .   Ohio  .  43064  .  1-800-345-2855  .   info@bulktransit.com
SAFETY:                                   Bulk Transit Corporation

       Our commitment to compliance:

Compliance with DOT guidelines, OSHA guidelines, and other federal, state and local regulations is taken very seriously by Bulk Transit.

As such, compliance with these guidelines and regulations are key components of Bulk Transit’s formal Safety Planto which all drivers are held accountable.

        Our commitment to  safety:

 Bulk Transit Corporation is  wholly committed to employee  safety and loss control. It is our  intention:

  •  That all employees work under  the safest conditions 

  •  That we maintain a workplace  and equipment free from  recognized hazards.

  •  That we provide information,  equipment, training, and  supervision to enable  employees to perform  their jobs safely.